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Here I got a little carried away and twirled the mustache, adjusted his jacked opening and bulged out his hat a bit. Yes, the Filter Gallery has been around forever and may seem terribly outdated.

For the purposes of this review I decided to use the same image for the various effects I would try. I took my favorite holiday image (Peter Bower’s snow and trees shot, which is the image on the right) and I zapped it in Snap Art. Snap Art’s advanced edge detection accomplishes the same goal, intelligently determining the shapes of the objects in the original image. Using this outline, Snap Art’s advanced paint engine strokes and fills the image with brushes and colors specified by the interface controls. This enables realistic reproduction of detail, but balances realism with convincing artistry.

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Your color palates can be found both on the website and in your Color Themes panel, so wherever you prefer to play with colors will work. And, if you don’t want to geek out on tweaking your colors manually, you’ll find a set of really cool Color Profiles that completely transforms your image with pre-set colors and contrast. One impressive and particularly unique tool in this plugin is called de-perspective. By using the pen tool you can create a perspective grid with one, two, or three axes. The plugin comes with 11 default brushes helping you paint everything from smoke to disintegration effects.

The plugin is a bare-bones operation and sets you up with a timeline panel and the ability to choose the duration of the key frame for each layer. Like The Animator’s Toolbar plugin, you can use AnimDessin2 to simplify the animation process within Photoshop.

However, it still provides plenty of options to play with, and with care can produce some super cool effects. Ok, so technically the Filter Gallery is not a plugin included with Photoshop, but it may as well be. Color Themes is tightly integrated with the Adobe Color website.

Depending on your workflow, this feature can be great because you can preview how the image would change by modifying the values of one parameter multiple times. The implementation of bracketing is a bit limited, but easy to use. I just wish I could see all the different results at once instad of having to cycle through each on its own tabs.

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If you’re a professional photographer, specially a portrait photographer, you may already be using Imagenomic’s Portraiture, but if you’re not, do read on. Francesco Schiavon investigates skin retouching plugin for Photoshop, Portraiture, to find out just how smooth it really is. There are plenty of gems to be found here, but be aware that some plugins listed as Free are actually just trials. Also, some of these plugins may only have very limited functions enabled, with an option to pay for an upgrade to include all functions. And of course, you’ll still find all the usual brush tools for making manual adjustments.

I’m a devoted fan of non-destructive editing, and Portraiture does not disappoint in this areas since you can have it output to a new layer with or without transparency mask. If you want to keep your Photoshop files leaner you can output to the same layer as the original image, but this would be destructive editing.

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Provides creative simplification, art effects, and line accentuation for easy one-of-a-kind art. Highest-quality noise reduction plug-in that removes the most noise and color noise while preserving the most image detail Get more info. I still use this Safari release. It works good for me. .