In an effort to comply with local authorities,

make plans to worship with us exclusively through New Heights Church online broadcast/livestream. You can view more information regarding mandate by clicking below:

Local Mandate

Please keep our local leaders in prayer as they do their best to help navigate through these turbulent times.

For generations, Christians around the world have had to adjust how and where they gather to worship. Adjustments have been made based on geographic threats, government mandates, and many other factors. This is a temporary adjustment for us, and one that is far from our preference. However, God has been preparing us since the inception of New Heights Church for this unique time; therefore, we are perfectly positioned to broadcast live. Use this opportunity to turn your cellphones, computers, and social media platforms in to witnessing tools.

More than ever before people are open to hearing about Jesus, our King that gives us peace even in uncertain times. As you tune in, engage with others that are worshipping with us through chat, emojis, likes and especially share the livestream with those you are connected to.

This too shall pass, and God is going to get the glory. I want us to be a church that magnifies Him, even through this challenging time!

Love and blessings, Pastor Brian Hallam

PS: Check out this video from New Year’s Eve 2019 where I shared how 2020 would be a year of “Graduated Testing”. I find it comforting to remember that God was preparing us for this moment long before now.

Live Services Stream: Sundays 10:00am CST - Wednesdays 7:00pm CST

Live Service Links:

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“Tested. Positive.”

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"Come out to a New Heights Service Live; I promise we'll make you feel right at home." Pastor Brian Hallam


To celebrate your first time in service, we are going to make a five dollar donation in your name to Casa Angelina. (Casa Angelina is an orphanage in Guatemala that we partner with to help "turn Orphans into Royalty".)

*Five dollars feeds an orphan lunch for a week!!



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