Pastor Brian Hallam teaching and sharing great insight on three critical areas:

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Ep. 12 The Importance of the Local Church with Pastor Reggie Steele

Pastor Brian continues his discussion with special guest Pastor Reggie Steele. These two men of God talk about how they met, not forsaking gathering together, and beauty of small beginnings.

Ep. 11 The Power of Parenting with special guest Pastor Reggie Steele

Parents have a unique and powerful ability to set the course of their children's life. Pastor Brian sits down with special guest, Pastor Reggie Steele from Kingdom Church in Phoenix, AZ, to discuss the power of parenting and more.

Ep. 10 Navigating Controversial Topics as a Parent Part 2

Pastor Brian continues the discussion on equipping your kids for all the world is throwing at them. There will be people your children know and love that don't agree with the bible so we must take the initiative to set their foundation on the Word of God.

Ep. 9 Navigating Controversial Topics as a Parent

As parents we can't wait and simply respond to the issues of today as our kids stumble upon them. We must proactively invoke the law of firsts.

Ep. 8 Kingdom Culture | Behind the Scenes

What started as a simple vacation detour turned out to be an encounter with God. Pastor Brian shares a personal story on how he received a portion of his revelation on kingdom. "...Your people will be my people, and your God, my God." - Ruth 1: 16

Ep. 7 Interview With An Orphanage

When he was 18 years old, Brother Ivan Tait, began to ask God what he was born to do. For over 35 years now, Ivan and his wife Kim have been feeding widows and orphans at Casa Angelina in Guatemala. Pastor Brian sits down with Ivan to discuss the power of partnership and how to turn orphans into royalty.

Ep. 6 Kingdom Culture Part 4

How do we start tithing? When is a good time to start? Pastor Brian addresses these questions and reminds us that when it comes to finances, like everything else, God is for us and wants to bless us.

Ep. 5 Kingdom Culture Part 3

Finances are a big part of the Kingdom. In this Episode Pastor Brian Hallam will lay out Kingdom Finances 101.

Ep. 4 Kingdom Culture Part 2

Change your mind. The Kingdom of God is obtainable!
Episode 4 - The Brian Hallam Podcast

Ep. 3 Kingdom Culture Part 1

Every kingdom has its own culture. When you understand Kingdom, a lot of the bible will make more sense to you.

Ep. 2 Controlling Your Tongue

Most people spend their life, unknowingly, living in a world that their own words created.
Episode 2 - The Brian Hallam Podcast

Ep. 1 Controlling Your Emotions

Your emotions should be in the vehicle with you but they shouldn’t have the wheel to your life.
Episode 1 - The Brian Hallam Podcast