Episode 3 - It's Harvest Time

Genesis 8:22, 2 Corinthians 9:10, Revelation 6:2, II Samuel 24:18
As we wrap up our 2020 Vision series, Pastor Brian teaches us the critical stages of seed time and harvest time. First, you must have seed, secondly, you must sow the seed and thirdly, it's harvest time. But there is no Harvest without first having Seed. And every seed is doing two things, it's either growing because it's been placed in the proper environment or it's waiting because it has not been placed in the right environment. Although harvest is a very exciting time, you can't affect your harvest during harvest time, all you can do is bring it in. The time to affect your harvest is during seed time. Set your expectations to hear and apply these critical stages and get ready for your abundant Harvest!

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