Episode 3 - Going Deeper

Tags: Spirit, Maturity, Rules

Verses: Psalm 119:95-102 | 1 Timothy 4:12 | Proverbs 9:10 | Matthew 6:19 | Galatians 2:20

Bullet Points:
1. Your depth in the word predicates the depth of your relationship with God.
2. You can’t live a halfway life with God. God is all or nothing.
3. What you are today is not what God is expecting from you next year.

If you don't know what the bible says you know what you felt. Even things that feel right can be wrong or inaccurate.
You cannot be full of God and full of yourself. You will either be full of the Spirit or full of you. There's not room for both.
No one can make you change. God won't make you change, he'll just change your environment until you change (Saul & Jonah).
Rules only bother the immature. Rules are the protection of the mature. Don't blame God for the rules someone else broke. Someone else breaking the ordinances of God doesn't relinquish your obligation to follow after him.
When you get born again you become a lifelong student of the word.

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