Are you applying Faith where Wisdom should be applied? Are you filling your life with substitutes?

Sermons in Series

No Substitute Part 1
What does ‘live by faith’ look like, what does it sound like and how do you apply it to your life?
Part 1
No Substitute Part 2
There are a lot of things in life you can have substitutes for but there is no substitute for faith.
Part 2
No Substitute Part 3
Touch God with your faith by saying what you want to see and believing that He wants to reward you.
Part 3
No Substitute Part 4
Now is the time to believe God more than anything else, above and beyond what you see.
Part 4
No Substitute Part 5
Becoming a Christian is not just a decision, you must experience a conversion.
Part 5
No Substitute Part 6
As you decide to stretch for the prize, know that God is for you!
Part 6
No Substitute Part 7
Set your mind on going through challenges already accounting that God is able!
Part 7