Episode 2 - The Love Affair


Verses: Isaiah 55:8-11 | John 1:1-14

Bullet Points:
1. Defining God without the bible is how ideologies are formed.
2. The Bible defines who God is and what he is like.
3. In order to use the word of God you must first know the word of God.

Only the bible defines who God is and what he is like. When we read the bible and find out what God is like we can begin to fight with the Word of God. The Word never returns void and declaring The Word allows us to bring the power of God into our situation. First, we must know the word of the living God in order to use it! The Word of God should be the first thing we consult when we have a problem. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and ransomed us to give us the power to become sons and daughters of God.

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